İtalyanlar transferi duyurdu! Galatasaray’ın yıldızı Zaniolo için 30 milyon euro

Galatasaray Bonuses Transfer Plan for Next Season Begins

Galatasaray, who will secure their championship in the Super League if they win the match against Ankaragücü, has already started planning for the next season’s transfers. Their priority is to acquire the transfer rights of Icardi and Rashica, and they also intend to sell Nicolo Zaniolo who they added to their squad during the mid-season transfer window.

According to La Gazzetta della Sport, Italian media, Nicolo Zaniolo, who wants to return to Italy at the end of the season, has Milan as his priority. However, Galatasaray is demanding about 30 million euros for the player. Milan, who is insistent on the 23-year-old midfielder, will have to find a middle ground.

Zaniolo, who has played in 9 Super League matches and scored 3 goals, desires to be selected for the Italian National Team again and play in Serie A.

In conclusion, Galatasaray is actively preparing for next season, with the aim to acquire transfer rights for Icardi and Rashica. Meanwhile, they are also trying to sell Nicolo Zaniolo for a sum of 30 million euros.

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