Türkiye’nin yerli otomobili Togg, Bingöl’deki ilk sahibine teslim edildi

Ahmet Kalkan, a businessperson from Bingöl, became the first owner of Turkey’s national car brand Togg. He expressed his admiration for the car’s technology and said, “I want this vehicle, which has such advanced technology and is produced in our country, to be available to everyone. It surpassed my expectations.” Kalkan drew a lot of attention while touring the city with his Togg and said that many people were curious about the car. He also praised the efforts of everyone involved in the production of the vehicle, including President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, saying “They blocked the ‘revolutionary car,’ but Togg made the revolution.”

Haber Merkezi
Haber Merkezi
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