Rekorunu kırması pek hoşuna gitmedi! Manchester efsanesinden ilginç Haaland yorumu: Umurumda değil

Manchester City’s striker Haaland broke the record for the most goals scored in a season in the English Premier League. In the first 33 matches he played, he scored 36 goals, beating the record of Manchester United legend Cole, who scored 34 goals in a single season. Cole praised Haaland’s success over the past nine months and noted that achieving this feat was much easier at Manchester City.

Regarding the record, Cole stated, “Why should I be disappointed about the record? Records are meant to be broken and honestly, I don’t care. Someone else has broken my record and we must be fair to Haaland. I think he has shown that he is an excellent forward.” Cole also spoke about Manchester City’s playing style and how it creates many opportunities for the forwards to score, making it easier for Haaland to break the record.

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