Oto tamircisi vatandaşlara uyarıda bulundu: Ucuz malzemelerden kaçınmayın

Erhan Ulukaya, an auto repairman from Elazığ, warned drivers to get necessary maintenance done on their vehicles with the arrival of the summer season. He emphasized that people should avoid low-quality materials, or else they will end up spending more money in the long run. As a result, with the weather warming up, people flock to the industrial area in Elazığ to make sure their vehicles receive proper summer maintenance. They mainly get services like engine oil changes, air conditioning and air filter maintenance. Ulukaya stated that it is always necessary to perform regular maintenance on vehicles before hitting the road, regardless of the distance they will be traveling. He added that in summer maintenance, there should be a focus on motor oil, oil filters, air and climate filters. If the vehicle runs on gasoline, the gasoline filter should be replaced, whereas the diesel filter should be replaced if it is a diesel-powered vehicle. The mechanical maintenance that is done every 10,000 kilometers includes changes on life shock absorbers, steering gear heads and lower swing arms. Ulukaya mentioned that 80% of the people in the area travel outside the city during the summer season, making it essential for them to prioritize proper vehicle maintenance to avoid any issues. He said that if vehicle maintenance is not performed, even if a person hits a small pothole, the lower part of the vehicle may be damaged, causing the tire to be displaced. When discussing brake pads, Ulukaya stated that some mechanics say it is fine to change them after coming back from a trip, but in reality, the brake pads should always be checked before leaving. Some customers want to use cheap brake pads which cost around 250 liras, but this will ultimately cause trouble for both the customer and the mechanics. Lastly, Ulukaya advised the public to pay close attention to the quality of the materials used for their vehicles, and to trust professional expertise for their vehicle maintenance needs.

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