Nouma, “Gece hayatını biraz” severim dedikten sonra kendisine cevap veren muhabiri herkesin içinde bozdu

Pascal Nouma, who was the beloved of Beşiktaş fans during his time on the team and could not break away from Turkey afterwards, disturbed a journalist during an interview he gave at a venue the other night. In his statement, Nouma said “I love the nightlife a little bit”, and when the journalist said “A little bit?”, Nouma used the expression “What’s it to you?” while winking at the reporter. Before ending the interview, Nouma commented on the fact that the song “Aşkın Olayım” was associated with Icardi, “All the songs were made by Beşiktaş fans. Çarşı always makes the best. He’s playing well, but take us to the disco, Icardi sucks.”

Haber Merkezi
Haber Merkezi
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