Attan düştüğü için hastaneye kaldırılan Paris Saint-Germain’in kalecisi Sergio Rico, entübe edildi

Paris Saint-Germain, who won the championship in France Ligue 1, has been shaken by the news from goalkeeper Sergio Rico. The Spanish goalkeeper, who fell from a horse, is fighting for his life.

According to the news on Marca, the experienced goalkeeper was taken to the hospital by helicopter after returning to Spain following the celebrations of the championship in Paris Saint-Germain. It was reported that Rico was intubated and his situation is stable at the hospital in Sevilla, where he was taken to intensive care.

The news articles do not provide any information about the cause of the accident. We will continue to follow up on developments regarding the health of goalkeeper Sergio Rico.

Haber Merkezi
Haber Merkezi
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