5 ayda gördükleri canına tak etti! Ronaldo, Suudi Arabistan’dan apar topar ayrılıyor

Cristiano Ronaldo Aiming to Leave Al Nassr after 5 Months in Saudi Arabia

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who signed with Al Nassr after departing from Manchester United for a record sum, has decided to leave Saudi Arabia.

According to Mundo Deportivo’s report, Ronaldo is willing to leave Al Nassr, where he signed in the beginning of the year. After experiencing a five-month-long period with the Saudi team, Ronaldo has been unhappy with the team’s lack of modernity and is keen to return to Europe.

The footballer could potentially need to pay compensation to Al Nassr, as he signed a contract for 500 million euros for a duration of 2.5 years. If Ronaldo ends his contract without a valid reason, he will be required to pay compensation to Al Nassr.

Ronaldo, who played in 17 matches this season with Al Nassr, has provided 13 goals and 2 assists for his team.

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